At MIS, we acknowledge that some of the most lasting learning moments happen outside of the school walls. Every class in the school, multiple times a year, go on educational excursions connected to the curriculum. In doing so, students make real-life connections – giving them opportunities to develop as the model Japanese and global citizens we want them to be.

On these trips, students visit parks, local markets, aquariums, museums, farms, exhibits, zoos, planetariums, castles, community institutions, airports, factories, nature preserves, beaches, temples, TV stations, and even the National Diet of Japan. These are truly rich experiences!

In addition, students in Grade 4 have a Science Sleepover at the school where they participate in a variety of fun, science-related learning activities and then spend the night. Students in Grade 5 spend two nights away in cabins at the Chiba City Children Nature Home teambuilding and connecting through a number of different undertakings. As a culmination of their work at MIS, our Grade 6 students challenge themselves and grow on a 3-night Snow Trip where they make snow sculptures, snow shoe, ski and snowboard.