Global Citizenship

As part of our vision, mission, and aims, developing positive local and global citizens is at the core of what we do at MIS. Through our Global Citizenship Award Program, students both as a class and as individuals, actively make a positive impact in their home, school, local, and global communities.

  • At home, students might take on responsibilities to help out their parents or siblings.
  • At school, they may undertake a beautification project or commit to make the lives of others brighter.
  • Locally, our students have grown rice in our school rice paddy and encouraged bike helmet and seatbelt safety.
  • Globally, classes have supported causes such as adopting endangered animals through the World Wildlife Fund and connected with other schools around the world.

These actions raise awareness and students solidify this awareness by recording their service in their Global Citizenship Journals. They then use these journals as a means of sharing their experiences with classmates and whole school to encourage others to make a positive difference in our world.

Annually, students who excel as global citizens are recognized at a school assembly, where their stories are shared and where they can earn a Super Global Citizen Award.

Global Citizenship – One way MIS stands out!