Entrance Fee \200,000
Paid Once
Maintenance Fee \400,000
Paid Once
Kindergarten 1-3 Tuition \1,380,000
Paid in Three Installments During the Year
Grades 1-6 Tuition \1,740,000
Paid in Three Installments During the Year

Detail of Fees and Payment

Fees are subject to change annually.

MIS offers a discount (on in some cases an exemption) on school fees for siblings. Please contact our office for details.

Step 1.

For those students who are accepted, we will send you an invoice (Please do not pay before you get invoice). Please pay the Entrance Fee of 200,000 yen, Maintenance Fee of 400,000yen and Tuition Fee to the school’s bank account during the period stated. Please note that we are unable to return the entrance fee for any reason.

※ Please note that if you do not pay by the deadline, we will assume that you are not interested in enrolling at the school. If you are not enrolling at the school, please inform the school as soon as possible.

Step 2.

The school will assume that you are officially entering the school when the Entrance Fee, Maintenance Fee and Tuition Fee is received. For those students, the school will issue admission certificates. The school will not issue a receipt for the entrance fee. Please understand that you will receive the admission certificate once the school has received your entrance fee safely. We will send you “Welcome Pack (including admission certificate and some admission related documents)” after we confirm your deposit.

Step 3.

Please send Admission related documents to the school. Also, please send Copy of Certificate of Residence of the family if you didn’t submit it when you applied or your address has changed after your submission.

Step 4.

On the first day, please come to the MIS office with your child at 8:30am.