MIS offers 7 bus routes for students to access. Please contact the Office for details on how to avail of school transportation.

  • Chiba: Chiba-Chuo, JR Chiba, Nishi-Chiba
  • Inage / Baytown: Inage / Mihama Utase Elementary School, Utase Elementary School 
  • Tsudanuma:  JR Tsudanuma , Keisei Tsudanuma,  Makuhari Hongo
  • Funabashi: Motoyawata,  Nishi-Funabashi,  Funabashi North,  
  • Urayasu:  Myoden, Minami-Gyotoku, Urayasu
  • Shin-Urayasu: Mihama Higashi Danchi, Umikaze no Machi

Please note that bus routes and timetables are subject to change.

The School Bus Information for this fiscal year is as follows.