Makuhari International School follows the objectives from the Japanese Curriculum. As MIS is a MEXT-designated exceptional school, we expand upon these as well as supplement them with objectives and content from various other curricula. This makes our curriculum extremely rich and diverse, and very international in flavour. It is also important to realise that what we teach and how we teach it are separate concepts. We not only follow the recommend number of ‘minimum hours’ from the Japanese Ministry of Education, but supplement this with extra learning time to ensure consolidation and extension. Extra sessions are also allocated for English and Maths, ensuring that children are taught these key subjects at least once a day. Additionally, in Grades 5 and 6 we teach Social Studies not only in English but also in Japanese. This helps consolidate a subject rich in culture and content.

All other subjects are taught in English except for Japanese (Kokugo) or Japanese Studies. Kokugo tends to be studied usually by Japanese returnee students whilst Japanese Studies is often a subject for non-Japanese children; which covers some Japanese language studies as well as understanding about Japanese culture and traditions. Dual nationality children have the choice (if their spoken Japanese is strong enough) of taking either Japanese or Japanese Studies.