2024 ISA Results Highlight the High Standard of Teaching and Learning at MIS


2024 ISA Results Highlight the High Standard of Teaching and Learning at MIS


We are proud to celebrate an example of the academic success of our students, staff, parents, and MIS school community. In February 2024, students from Grades 3 to 5 participated in the International Schools’ Assessment (ISA), a programme developed by the Australian Council for Educational Research (ACER) and designed specifically for international schools. The test provides MIS with a means to compare the academic performance of our students with other international school students.

今年2月、オーストラリア教育研究評議会(ACER: Australian Council for Educational Research)主催によるインターナショナル・スクールズ・アセスメント(ISA: International Schools’ Assessment)が実施されました。インターナショナルスクールの生徒を対象としたテストで、本校の3年生から5年生が受験しました。このテストから、当校の児童と他校の生徒の学力を比較することができます。

What follows are facts about the test:
-Over 40,000 students took the tests at 159 international schools in 49 countries.
-5164 students took the Grade 3 tests; 5092 took the G4 tests; 6260 took the G5 tests.
-For purposes of making comparisons, schools are grouped according to their majority home language. MIS was listed as a Group 2 school. Group 2 schools have between 16% and 35% of their students whose native language at home is English.

-各学年の受験者数:3年生5,164名、4年生5,092名、5年生 6,260名

When looking at the overall results, the MIS school community can be greatly reassured that our students’ achievements compare very well to all other groups. In nearly all subjects, MIS averages are significantly above the averages for other Group 2 schools. In many areas, the MIS results compare favourably with the Asian Schools’ averages and the All Schools’ averages. You can see these results in the chart below.


Well done to the students, their teachers and their parents – you deserve great credit!