Application Documents for April 2018 / 2018年度 出願書類2017/10/21

Attached is the Application Documents for 01 April 2018.

Please download and print out all the documents below in order to apply for 2018 school year.

Application Period: 1 November 2017 - 6 November 2017

Note that the school will only aim to accept documents sent by post. 

We do not accept any application documents after 6 November. Also, please transfer application fees during this period.

201841日入学・入園希望者の出願書類一式 を以下からダウンロード、プリントアウトしてお使いください。

出願期間: 2017111日~2017116


11月6日以降到着の出願書類は受け付けません。 また、入学検定料についても、必ずこの期間内にお振込み下さい。

1 MIS Admissions Booklet for 2018.pdf

2 Application_Form_2018.pdf

3 Parent_Additional Information Form.pdf

4 Bank transfer form for Elementary 考査料振込用紙(小学生).pdf

5 Bank transfer form for Kindergarten 考査料振込用紙(幼稚園).pdf

6 Form_Application Fee_A_Slip_出願料A票提出用紙.pdf

7 Questionnaire about School Bus for2018-2019.pdf (MIS School Bus Current Timetables.pdf )

8 Form Submission Check List.pdf

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