Update School Anticipated Start Delayed to Monday, April 13th


Dear MIS Community, ( 日本語が下記に記載されています。)

With the increase in reported cases of COVID19 and out of an abundance of caution, MIS will be postponing its anticipated start date to Monday, April 13, 2020.

Teachers will receive training this Wednesday on the implementation of Seesaw as a distance learning tool for all MIS students. That evening, all parents and students will be invited to access Seesaw with clear directions and online tutorials for using Seesaw. The MIS Community will also receive the ‘MIS Distance Learning Guidelines & Expectations’ to help guide us all toward providing rich distance learning opportunities for our students.

As a result of this decision, Opening Ceremonies, Meet the Teachers Evenings will be postponed.

We anticipate further direction either later this week or next week from the national, prefectural, and city governments on how to proceed as a result of the increase in reported COVID19 cases.

We understand the difficulty that this causes for families during these dynamic time but feel that the well-being of our community must come first.

Trent Citrano
Head of School
Makuhari International School


MIS コミュニティーの皆様



今般の決定により、入園・入学式及び、’Meet the Teachers Evenings’(先生に会ってみましょう)も延期となります。



トレント シトラノ
幕張インターナショナルスクール 校長