Update for the MIS Community – March 11, 2020 / 臨時休校に関するアップデート


Dear MIS Community,

We hope that the students are engaging with their Distance Learning Plans and getting outdoors as much as possible to play and enjoy the spring weather.

As an update, I ask staff and families who are looking to travel for work or pleasure, to avoid travelling to (or stopping over at) China, Macao, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, South Korea, Italy or Iran. If you do have to travel to these places or come into contact with someone who has done so, we ask that you commit to self-quarantine for 14 days after your return (or after contact), before you or any of your family enter the school; and if exhibiting symptoms contact your local health center.

Prime Minister Abe notified the public that further directions from the government would come on or shortly after March 19th. We will act according to directions from national, prefectural, and city officials and communicate further decisions about the school’s anticipated re-opening. We are hopeful that we can return on Thursday, April 2nd as scheduled; however, if school closure is extended we will provide distance learning via Seesaw, an online learning and communication platform. You can learn more about it here: We will provide you with detailed information on its utilization, if needed.

I’ve attached some additional resources that I thought might be helpful. Additionally, a very good video to share with your child about ‘upsetting news’ can be found here:
In addition, here is a link to a child-friendly cartoon explaining the Novel Coronavirus.

We again appreciate your support and flexibility as we work through this fluid situation.

Mr. Citrano




安倍首相によると政府から3月19日またはその直後に国民に向けて更なる通達が発せられるとのことです。我が校としては政府、千葉県、そして千葉市からの指示に従う予定ですので、学校の授業再開時期に関しての決定事項を今後お伝えして参ります。学校としては4月2日の木曜日に予定通り学校が再開できることを望んでおりますが、もし、休校期間が延長となる場合は、Seesawと呼ばれるオンライン上の学習コミュニケーションプラットフォームを利用した遠隔学習を提供する予定です。このサイトをご覧になるとより詳しい内容がわかります。 必要とあれば、その利用方法について詳細の情報を提供致します。

参考になると思われる追加のリソースもここに添付致しました。お子さんと是非ご一緒にご覧になると良い’upsetting news’という動画のリンクがこれです。  更にもう一つご紹介します。これがリンクです。child-friendly cartoon explaining the Novel Coronavirus


シトラノ トレント