Summary of 2019 Third Board of Directors and Board of Trustees Meeting


The third Board of Directors and Board of Trustees Meetings were held on 16 December 2019. Bills and Reports were the same for both the Board of Directors and Board of Trustees.

1. Bills and Reports of Board of Directors and Board of Trustees are listed below.
 Bill No.1 to Bill No.4:Amendment of Rules of Employment
 Reports : 1 Results of Admission for Academic year 2020-2021
       2 Report on Staff Professional Development
       3 Update on Progress with the 2019-2020 Development Plan

2. Summary of deliberation is as follows.
 In Bills 1 to 4, the amendment of the Rules of Employment for each type of employment was on the agenda.
 The amendment stipulates the observation of child protection in order to promote child protection at MIS.
   All Bills were approved without objection.

 In Report 1, as a result of Admission for Enrolling April 2020 held in November  of this year, it was reported that there were 51 successful applicants.
 In Report 2, it was described that the opportunities and content of Professional  Development provided for MIS teachers have been enriched.
 In Report 3, it was reported that MIS Development Plan for this academic year  has been progressing smoothly in all areas including educational quality, facility  development and school management.



1 議案等は、次のとおりです。
  議案1~4 就業規則の一部改正について
  (報告事項)1 令和2年度生徒募集の結果について
        2 MISの教員研修について
        3   令和元年度事業計画の進捗状況について
2 審議等の概要は次のとおりです。
  報告事項2では、MISの教員が行っている研修について、その回数や、  内容について、充実を図っていることが報告されました。