Parent Survey Results Show Strong Satisfaction with MIS


I want to express my sincere appreciation to our MIS Parent Community for the overwhelming response to our Annual Parent Survey. We had 185 parents respond – the most ever. The responses were extremely positive. 22 out of 30 questions had an overall satisfaction rating over 80%. 16 out of 30 questions had over a 90% satisfaction rating. This clearly shows that our parents are very satisfied with the education and service our school is providing their children and our larger community.
We also welcome the constructive written feedback that was given as a means to make our school an even richer learning environment for students. Parents are appreciative of our efforts to increase electronic communication vs. paper and are very pleased with the transparency and ease of communication that Seesaw provides. Parents are tremendously pleased with the climate of the school and the safety of their children, especially in light of the coronavirus.
Some of the comments from parents included:
“As a parent, I have been incredibly impressed at how the school has utilized Seesaw as a communication tool. Seesaw allows me to regularly and easily communicate directly with my children’s teachers. Their communication back to me is quick and allows for us to best support our children together – from home and from school.”
“I think the teachers are taking care of each and every child very carefully.”
“I want to praise the school for their response to the coronavirus through distance learning. Using Seesaw and Zoom allowed for my children to stay on-track with their learning while having teachers available to provide support and feedback. It also allowed me to track my children’s learning better.”
“We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all the efforts you have made to deal with the coronavirus crisis to create an environment in which parents and students can feel secure.”
“I feel comfortable when I visit MIS. I think the children feel the same way and go to school with such a comfortable feeling.”
“The school is nicely decorated and immaculately clean. Especially the library’s book selection is remarkable in every aspect.”
Mr. Citrano
Head of school


校長 トレント・シトラノ

Board Presentation 17SEPT2020 – Parent Survey
Board Presentation 17SEPT2020 – Parent Survey (Japanese)