Parent Survey Results Show Strong Satisfaction with MIS


I want to express my sincere appreciation to our MIS Parent Community for the overwhelming response to our Annual Parent Survey. We had 165 parents respond – the most ever. The responses were extremely positive. 22 out of 30 questions had an overall satisfaction rating over 80%. 16 out of 30 questions had over a 90% satisfaction rating. This clearly shows that our parents are very satisfied with the education and service our school is providing their children and our larger community.
We also welcome the constructive written feedback that was given as a means to make our school an even richer learning environment for students. Some of the comments included: “My child is very happy at MIS and enjoys going to school every day. I believe this is an accurate assessment of the positive school climate.” and “As parents, we are very impressed at the progress our children have made as a result of the support and challenge offered them at MIS. They have also become truly bilingual in Japanese and English which is a trait that they will utilize throughout their lives to ensure their success. Thank you, MIS!”
Mr. Citrano
Head of school


また、記入式によるご意見を反映し、園児・生徒にとってより充実した学校環境の向上に努めて参ります。ご意見の中には、「子どもはMISを満喫しているようで、毎日とても嬉しそうに通学しています。前向きで活気のある校風の恩恵だと思います。」 また、「学校でのサポートや新しい事への取り組みが、子どもの成長にとって良い結果につながり、保護者として大変感謝しております。今後、完全な日英バイリンガルとしての強みが人生を通じて成功へと導くでしょう。MISありがとうございます。」といったお声もございました。
校長 トレント・シトラノ