MIS to Open Thursday, April 2nd + Revised Opening Ceremonies Schedule for that Day


Dear MIS Community, ( 日本語が下記に記載されています。)

Great news! We will be able to open school as scheduled on Thursday, April 2nd. Staff will be meeting the day before to prepare for our students to return.

We will hold both our Elementary and Kindergarten Opening Ceremonies on Thursday, April 2nd with revised times and a limited scope per Chiba City guidelines (please see details below). With the closure of school, last year’s K3 students didn’t have the opportunity to have a Graduation Ceremony. In order to provide them with this opportunity, we will be building a smaller version of the K3 Graduation Ceremony into the Elementary Opening Ceremony. This will mean we will need to hold the Kindergarten Opening Ceremony a bit later than planned.

April 2, 2020 Opening Ceremonies

Elementary Opening Ceremony
9:30an to 10:40am = MIS Gym (Gates open for parents at 9:15am). Only Grade 1 students/parents and new Grade 1 to 6 students/parents may attend. No other guests permitted.
All Elementary students arrive to school by 8:50am as usual. All Grade 1 students and new students in Grades 1 to 6 should wear ties and blazers.
A group photo with all new G1 students (including K3 graduates and Grade 1 students new to MIS), staff and parents follows ceremony.
K3 Graduates’ parents may briefly exchange congratulations and gifts after the group photo, but must vacate the Gym by 11:00am.

Kindergarten Opening Ceremony
11:30am to 12:15pm = MIS Gym (Gates open for parents at 11:15am). Only K1 students/parents and new Grade K2 & K3 students/parents may attend. No other guests permitted.
K1 students and parents arrive at school by 11:15am and will go directly to the Gym. K1 children do not wear uniform. There will be no classes for K1 students after the Opening Ceremony. K1 students and parents are welcome are free to go home after the group photo at the end of the ceremony.
K2 & K3 students arrive in uniform by 8:50am. New parents may wait in the classroom briefly then are invited to leave and return at 11:15am. K2 & K3 will have normal classes after the Opening Ceremony.
A group photo with K1 students, staff and parents follows ceremony.

We are thrilled that we can welcome 51 new students (with their families) into our school community along with recognizing the achievements of our K3 Graduates.

I would also like to share some more details regarding the opening of school. I ask staff and families who have travelled to (or have stopped over at, or come into contact with someone who has done so) the countries listed at the following link to to commit to self-quarantine for 14 days after your return (or after contact), before you or any of your family enter the school; and if exhibiting symptoms contact your local health center.

To prevent having too many students gather closely together, we will also be postponing all school assemblies indefinitely. Other events will need to be considered individually.

We will be holding the Meet the Kindergarten Teachers Evening on April 3 from 6:00 to 7:00pm as well as the Meet the Elementary Teachers Evening on Wednesday, April 8 from 6:00 to 7:00pm.

I would also like to remind families of the attached family guidelines and measures MIS is taking to prevent COVID19. We ask that all students and staff take their temperatures daily. If their temperature is 37.5C or more, they are to stay home and seek medical advice. There will be continued efforts to provide hand sanitizer around the school and to encourage everyone to thoroughly wash their hands after returning from outside play or before eating.

We all look forward to welcoming the students back next Thursday. We’ve missed you, kids!

Mr. Citrano




素晴らしいお知らせです! 4月2日(木)に予定通り学校が再開します。園児・児童の皆さんをお迎えする準備のために教職員はその前日に集まることになっています。


入学式及び入園式 2020年4月2日






‘Meet the Kindergarten Teachers Evening’(幼稚園の先生たちと会ってみましょう)を4月3日の夜6時から7時まで、そして’Meet the Elementary Teachers Evening’(小学校の先生と会ってみましょう)を4月8日の夜6時から7時まで行います。



トレント シトラノ