Looking Ahead at MIS


Dear MIS Community, (日本語が下記に記載されています。)

We look forward to celebrating students’ success as the school year ends. We greatly appreciate being able to have our face-to-face Parents’ Evenings this week to share the growth of our students.

On our last day of school, we will have the K3 and Grade 6 Graduations where our Kindergarten and Elementary Graduates will be formally recognized (by invitation only). Earlier this week, we held End-of-Year Awards Ceremonies in individual classes to acknowledge the amazing work of our Class Citizens, Leading Learners and a host of other special honors. These were filmed and will be shared with parents online. Our Grade 6 students will fittingly receive their awards at Graduation.

Looking ahead to next school year, I wanted to let you know that we will continue to follow the MIS Return to School Operation Protocols to prevent the risk of spreading COVID. As a result, we will continue to have revised or limited events and activities. For instance, we will not be holding Opening Ceremonies. On Meet the Teachers Evenings, we ask that only one parent per student attend to allow for social distancing. After School Care will be expanded to serve Kindergarten and Grade 1 students as well as their siblings. The hours of ASC will extend until 6:30pm starting in April.

While we will not be able to restart after-school clubs and activities in Term 1 and will not be able to host the annual MIS Bazaar in May nor Summer School in July, we will go back to having ten sessions per term of swimming at each of the Elementary grades. Term 1 will be Grades 5&6, Term 2 will be Grades 3&4, and Term 3 will be Grades 1& 2 in the 2021–2022 academic year.

We sincerely appreciate your continued support and understanding as we do everything in our power to keep students in the classroom and our entire community safe and healthy.

Mr. Citrano
Head of School


学年の終わりに向けて、園児・児童の皆さんが滞りなくそれぞれの学年での成果をあげられたことを喜びたいと思います。今週はParents Evenings(保護者面談)で、皆さんと直接お会いし、園児・児童の成長ぶりをお伝えできたことに感謝しております。

今年度最終日には、K3 と G6 の卒園/卒業式があり、幼稚園と小学校の卒園/卒業生が正式に称えられます。(招待者のみが出席)。今週の始めに各クラスで表彰式が行われ、 Class Citizens,(「優秀市民」)Leading Learners (「優秀学習者」)、その他の特別な栄誉に対してその功績が称えられました。これらの表彰式の様子は撮影され、保護者の方にオンラインで公開されます。G6の児童は、卒業式の中で表彰を受けることになります。

新年度に向けては、新型コロナウイルス感染症の蔓延リスクを防ぐために、MISの「学校の再開:運営の基準と手続き」に沿った運営を継続していくことをお伝えしておきたいと思います。その結果、イベントや活動内容の見直しや制限が生じることになります。例えば、入学式は行いません。また、Meet the Teachers Evenings(先生との顔合わせ)に関しては、社会的距離への配慮から園児・児童一名につき保護者一名のみのご参加をお願いすることになります。アフタースクールケア(預かり保育)のご利用対象にはG1も加わり、幼稚園園児並びにG1と、そのご兄弟/姉妹がご利用できます。4月以降の利用時間は18時30分まで延長されます。



トレント シトラノ