Congratulations to the 2019-2020 MIS End of Year Award Winners!


Dear MIS Community,

I am writing to you to let you know it is with regret that we have had to cancel the 2019-2020 Annual Awards Ceremony due to the campus closure. Unfortunately, we will not be rescheduling the award ceremony in the interest of moving forward with the 2020-2021 school year. Therefore, we have decided the best way to proceed would be to send each award winner their certificate, a personal note about why they were chosen as the winner and their winner’s medal.

I would like to personally congratulate each and every winner for earning their achievement award. It is clear from the words of praise shared from their teachers that they had an outstanding year and thoroughly deserved their recognition as award-winning students.

I trust that they will continue to set a wonderful example for their peers this year. Please see below the list of winners for each award category.

Trent Citrano
Head of School
Makuhari International School

Congratulations to these 2019-2020 Makuhari International School Award Winners!

International Understanding Award

This honor is given for being a remarkable representative of his/her own country, possessing a positive attitude toward the life and culture of others and for being able to converse in at least two languages. For having the ability to bring different people together into a sense of community, thus furthering the cause of international understanding and for being a contributing force in the life of the school at all times. A role model for all to follow. These recipients will receive a certificate of recognition, a special lanyard, as well as have their name engraved on a plaque in the school entry.

G3G – Erina Yamazaki & G6Y – Ema Ichimura

Class Citizen Award

This award is given to a student in each elementary class who is a positive force in the school community, is always school spirited and can be relied upon to support and contribute to school events. He/she has a positive effect on class morale and is always helpful, considerate and cheerful. He/she is a model school citizen whose conduct we can all aspire to.

G1G – Mitsuki Sonoda, G1Y – Miria Fujisawa, G2G – Kurara Ichiyanagi, G2Y – Reyna Baierschmidt,
G3G – Ryusei Takahashi, G3Y – Takafumi Kanazawa, G4G – Taiga Hoshiyama, G4Y – Elsie Endo
G5G – Erina Iseki, G5Y – Anna Bomersheim-Ishimura, G6G – Hanami Sugimoto, G6Y – Otoka Nakano

Leading Learner Award

This prize is awarded to a student in each elementary class for their excellent all round effort this year. This student has shown all the qualities of a learning learner, through enquiry, reflection and perseverance in all subjects. Further, he/she always helps others in the class and can be relied upon to participate in every activity. This student can be proud to be named their class’s Leading Learner for the 2019-2020 school year.

G1G – Yuka Cho, G1Y – Yosuke Kamegai, G2G – Rino Hirose, G2Y – Yuka Manabe,
G3G – Kate Nishihara, G3Y Saki Fukuhara, G4G – Airi Shibayama, G4Y – Jerry Liao
G5G – Teruki Wakita, G5Y – Tatsuya Iizawa, G6G – Shion Nakano, G6Y – Miyuka Sato

Japanese Scholar Award

This prize is awarded to a student in each elementary grade for always demonstrating excellence in Japanese. For possessing a positive attitude to the subject and demonstrating a deep love of the mother tongue. He/she has been successful in overcoming all obstacles that this subject has brought to his/her studies. Apart from academic work, this students has demonstrated the independence of a keen reader who has realized that reading Japanese literature is just as fun as reading English literature.

G1Y – Keisuke Motoyama, G2G – Eliot Werry, G3Y – Naoya Ichimoto
G4Y – Daiki Yoshino, G5G – Yumiri Tobita, G6G – Yui Sekizawa

Japanese Studies Award

This recognition is given to a student who demonstrates real growth in their Japanese language proficiency due to their dedication, hard work and enthusiasm to develop as a Japanese language learner.

G4Y – Labib Haque

English Support Award

This recognition is given to a student who demonstrates real growth in their English language proficiency due to their dedication, hard work and enthusiasm to develop as a English language learner.

G2G – Cristiona Ogiya

Library Award

This recognition is given to a student in both upper and lower elementary who not only demonstrate a true passion for reading, but find ways so share this passion with others in a contagious way. He/she is a role model for making a lasting, positive impact on developing enthusiasm for reading across their section of the school.

G2G – Len Hoffman & G5Y – Mayu Murata