Campus Closed Through May 10th – Distance Learning to Continue


Dear MIS Community,(日本語が下記に記載されています。)

Per new guidelines issued by the federal, prefectural and city governments, the MIS campus will remained closed for student, parents and visitors through Sunday, May 10th. Distance learning will continue to be provided via Seesaw up to Friday, May 1st, then we will observe the regularly scheduled Golden Week holiday from May 2nd to May 10th.

We will await further directives from the federal, prefectural and city governments as to when it might be possible to re-open and whether we will hold an opening ceremony. We will inform you accordingly.

The Terry Fox Run and the School Bazaar will need to either be rescheduled or cancelled. The school will work in coordination with the PTA to make collaborative decisions about these shared events.

I want to thank the students, parents, teachers and support staff for all of your combined efforts to provide our children with quality distance learning and socio-emotional support during these challenging times.

Mr. Citrano
Head of School

MIS コミュニティーの皆様



Terry Fox Runとバザーの日程に関しては、変更もしくはキャンセルをする必要があります。これらのイベントについては、学校側とPTAが連携を取りながら協調的な決定を下していきます。


トレント シトラノ