Board of Directors & Trustees Meeting Summary Released


Makuhari International School

The first Board of Directors and Board of Trustees Meetings were held on 23 May 2019.

1. Bills of the Board of Directors are listed below.
   Bill No. 1   Business and Financial Report for the Last School Year:

           April 2018 to March 2019

   Bill No. 2   Appointment of Trustees

   (Report)   School Survey

Bill No. 1, regarding the Business and Financial Report for the last school year and the income and expenditure budget, was deliberated. The auditors’ Audit Report, stating the appropriate implementation of ‘the School Business Report’ and ‘the statement of income and expenditure’, was informed. The Business and Financial Report is available for viewing by parents, upon request.

The change of Trustees in relation to their personal transfers was deliberated as Bill No.2.

Both bills were approved without any objections.

The Report about the results of the online School Survey which had been carried out during April and May by parents was explained.

MIS asked parents over 30 questions – 10 questions in three sections: 1. School-Parent Communications 2. Teaching and Learning 3. School Climate – whether they “agree” or “disagree”. The overall response with the average satisfaction rating beyond 80 to 90 percent was reported.


2. The School made two reports regarding the Business and Financial Report for the Last School Year: April 2018 to March 2019 and the School Survey at the Trustees Meeting.


5月23日、幕張インターナショナルスクール令和元年度第1回理事会及び 評議員会が開催されました。

1 理事会の議案等は、次のとおりです。

   議案1 平成30年度事業報告及び収支決算

   議案2 評議員の選任


 議案1では、昨年度の事業実施経過と決算案が審議されました。この中で監事による監査報告があり、事業計画は適切に執行されているこ と、収入・支出及び決算処理が適正に行われていることが報告されました。なおご要望があれば、事業報告書と収支決算等の報告書類は、保護者の皆様に閲覧いただけます。




 ①学校と保護者間のコミュニケーション、②指導と学習、③学校の雰囲気の3分野について、約10問ずつ満足度を質問したところ、いずれの分野も 平均して8割から9割の保護者が満足していると回答していることが報告されました。

2 評議員会では、報告事項として、平成30年度事業報告及び収支決算並びに 学校評価の2点が報告されました。