Mission and Aims

I would like to warmly welcome you all to our school website. As you may be aware we are a pioneering new International School, to be found in Chiba Prefecture. We opened in April 2009. We offer teaching of the highest quality, a unique curriculum and outstanding modern purpose-built facilities which provide an outstanding educational experience to all our children. As a staff  we continue to work hard to continually improve, and we firmly believe that every child under our care should be happy, safe and valued as an individual.
You are most welcome to visit our cheerful school and please feel free to contact myself or office staff at the school should you wish for more information. There is always someone pleased to talk and meet with you.

Paul Rogers - Head of School 

Paul Rogers

Head of School


Our Mission Statement at Makuhari International School encapsulates what we firmly believe in as a staff.
Our mission is to be the school of choice for all internationally-minded children, providing a quality educational experience through a flexible and creative curriculum which is based around the highest excellence of teaching.
At Makuhari International School we believe that all children are special, with unique skills and gifts.We aim to bring out these talents in all. We seek to offer an education within a stimulating, caring, fun and secure environment, and provide all our students with the skills needed to make them global lifelong learners.

Our Aims

To offer a unique and highly-creative curriculum based around the strengths of the Japanese and other curricula - all within a flexible and imaginative approach that is clearly centred on the quality of teaching we offer.

To 'bring out' the unique skills that we believe all children possess.

To emphasise reading, writing and mathematics throughout each year group knowing that a firm foundation is crucial to all children's development.

To provide a happy, caring and secure environment where different teaching styles are routinely used to complement the various ways that children learn.

To provide enriching extra curricula activities for all children to pursue.

To provide the very best modern outdoor and indoor resources and facilities to guarantee that children learn and develop to the best of their individual abilities.

To recruit and train the best academic staff who are committed to the same mission and aims of those at Makuhari International School.

To promote a keen sense of responsibility in all our children - to each other and the society we live in.

To nurture and develop children as independent thinkers, lifelong learners and internationally-minded citizens of the world.


Before joining Makuhari International School as Founding Head of School, Paul Rogers was Head of Primary at The British International School in Bratislava (Slovakia). Prior to that he was Founding Principal at The International School in Tripoli (Libya). He was also previously Head of School at St. Michael's International School in Kobe, Japan. Paul earned a degree in music, before training to become a teacher, and subsequently went through the rigorous National Professional Qualification for Headship programme in the United Kingdom.