Faculty & Staff

MAKUHARI INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL Faculty & Staff Directory 2012-2013


United Kingdom
United Kingdom
Member of Board of Directors

BSc, University of Exeter, UK
PGCE, University of Exeter, UK
MA (International Education), University of Bath, UK

Michael was Principal at the British Vietnamese International School in Ho Chi Minh City, also a dual-language school, before joining MIS. Previous postings include Head of School in both Kuwait and Thailand and Head of Campus at the British International School, Vietnam. Michael began working overseas as a Geography Teacher before taking on various administrative pastoral and curricular roles. Interests include photography and cycling, having previously biked around Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Thailand, Vietnam and Japan.

Trent Citrano

TRENT CITRANO, Deputy Head of School
Member of Board of Trustees

BA (Bilingual Multicultural Liberal Studies/Latin American Studies), California State University, Chico, USA
MEd (School Administration), Western Washington University, USA

Prior to coming to MIS, Trent served as the Secondary School Principal at Saint Maur International School in Yokohama; K-12 Principal at Access International Academy Ningbo in Ningbo, China; Elementary Principal and Vice Principal in Kent, Washington; ESL Coordinator in Renton, Washington; and taught K-12 ESL as well as a variety of Elementary grades - including bilingual, multi-age classes in both Washington and California. He is passionate about connecting students, staff, parents, and community in order to create the best possible learning environment for our students. Trent is happily married to his wife, Reiko and enjoys time with his young daughters, Mei and Ann. He is an avid baseball fan, gardener, photographer, and foodie.

Maureen Marazzi

United Kingdom
United Kingdom
MAUREEN MARAZZI, Grade 6 / Green Class Teacher
Upper Elementary Co-ordinator

BMus (hons) Royal College of Music, London.
PGCE (Primary) Southbank University London.

Maureen has had 15 years' teaching experience in British schools and has taught extensively across the 3-12 age range, before joining MIS. Previous teaching roles have also included running parental workshops in supporting Literacy and Numeracy for adults. Maureen began working as an Instrumental Music Teacher before taking on various curricular roles. Interests include travel, playing the guitar and ukulele, reading, theatre, cookery, exploring new places and cycling. She has hiked around Switzerland, France, the Philippines, Thailand, Cambodia and the British Isles and hopes to do plenty of hiking in Japan.


United Kingdom
United Kingdom
ANTHONY HALL, Grade 3 / Yellow Class Teacher
Lower Elementary Co-ordinator

BA (Hons) Music Ind Man, Buckinghamshire University College, UK
PGCE (Primary) University of East Anglia, UK

Mr. Hall began his teaching career in earnest at primary schools in East Anglia, UK. During his seven years there Mr Hall gained experience as a teacher at three age groups as well as taking on the roles of International Coordinator, Gifted and Talented Coordinator and Pastoral Care Leader. He also managed the school football team and ran the schools successful Warhammer Club.


United Kingdom
United Kingdom
MARK PAXTON, Kindergarten Class Teacher
Kindergarten Co-ordinator

MA (Hons) Archaeology, University of Edinburgh, UK
PGDE, University of Edinburgh, UK

Following initial work in the area of archaeology, Mr Paxton spent a year working in a renowned Scottish pre-school where he gained expertise in the Froebel philosophy. He then went on to qualify as a teacher at the University of Edinburgh. He has taught at schools throughout Scotland including both state and independent. Mr. Paxton is trained in Co-operative Learning and is passionate about its impact on pupils. Interests include travel, literature and learning Japanese. Mr. Paxton joined MIS in 2014 to teach Grade 3.


TATSUKI ENDO, Japanese Teacher/Kokugo
Japanese Co-ordinator

BSc (Phys. Ed.) Nihon University, Tokyo
Japanese Primary Teaching Qualification (Chiba Prefecture)
Japanese Secondary Teaching Qualification (Physical Education)

After teaching for several years in his hometown, Matsuyama (Ehime Prefecture), Mr Endo spent six years working in the UK and New Zealand. He taught Japanese and Mathematics in Wellington, New Zealand before returning to Japan and joining MIS in 2010. As well as teaching and learning about education, Mr Endo enjoys organising sports events such as Sports Day, soccer for classes, and the MIS teachers' football team.

Wendy Hayden

United Kingdom
United Kingdom
Learning Support Co-ordinator

BEd (Hons), University of Lancaster, UK
MA, Liverpool John Moores University, UK
MSc, University of Edinburgh, UK

Wendy has taught in primary and special schools in England and Scotland, and in international schools in Asia. Early in her career she developed an interest in teaching children with learning difficulties and has undertaken postgraduate study in this area. Her most recent teaching post was as a Learning Support Co-ordinator at the British International School in Vietnam. She enjoys camping and hiking, and is looking forward to exploring the Japanese countryside.

Heinrich Bersalona

HEINRICH BERSALONA, Elementary Class Assistant

Bachelor of Science in Nursing, Emilio Aguinaldo College, Philippines
Postgraduate Diploma in Education (Secondary Education), Benguet State University, Philippines
Elementary Teacher Qualification, Secondary Teacher Qualification (Science), Registered Nurse

Mr Bersalona worked for two years in a primary and secondary school in the Philippines, he taught several subjects including Arts, Biology and Maths. He also volunteered as a staff nurse in a public hospital in his hometown. Before joining MIS, Mr Bersalona had previous experience of teaching in Japan as a Preschool and Kindergarten Teacher. His interests are biking, photography, drawing and music, especially playing drums.

Sebastian Burton

United Kingdom
United Kingdom
SEBASTIAN BURTON, Grade 1 / Yellow Class Teacher

BA (Hons), University of Birmingham
PGCE (Primary), Kingston University, London

After completing his Bachelor's degree from the University of Birmingham, Mr Burton worked as an English teacher in Seoul, South Korea for two years. Upon returning to his home city of London, Mr Burton undertook his education qualification at Kingston University before teaching at an 'outstanding' rated school in North London. For the last year Mr Burton has been working as an education consultant, training teachers in London. Outside of the classroom, Mr Burton's interests include travel, literature, practising his ukulele and surfing.

Dominic Cox

United Kingdom
United Kingdom
DOMINIC COX, Grade 4 / Yellow Class Teacher

BA Primary Education, QTS, Roehampton University, London

Before moving to Japan, Mr Cox taught in primary schools in London and worked as an English language teacher in China. He has worked in a variety of management and curriculum leadership positions including his most recent post as Academic Adviser to an international education company in Beijing. He enjoys reading, travelling and is currently learning to play the piano.


United Kingdom
United Kingdom
BRYAN CROWE, Kindergarten Class Teacher

BA, Nottingham Trent University, UK
PGCE, University of South Queensland, Australia

Mr Crowe came to Japan in 2006 and taught as an Assistant Language Teacher (ALT) in various elementary schools in Tokyo and as a kindergarten and elementary teacher at an international school in Kichijoji, Tokyo. He joined Makuhari International School in 2011. He enjoys watching sports, having BBQ's and playing computer games.


JOSHUA FOLLETTE, Grade 2 / Green Class Teacher

Masters in Teaching, City University of Seattle, USA
BA History, University of Washington

Josh joined MIS in 2013 after teaching in Kindergarten and elementary schools in Seattle, Washington, USA. Previously, he taught English in elementary and junior high schools in Ibaraki Prefecture. In his spare time, Josh enjoys playing with his two daughters. He also enjoys playing and watching sports.


United Kingdom
United Kingdom
KATHRYN FREDERICK, Grade 5 / Yellow Class Teacher

BEd (Hons), University of Wales, UK

Ms Frederick has spent most of her career teaching in England, mainly in leadership roles, including Assistant Head Teacher in a large Primary School. Kath has had the opportunity to teach students of varied abilities and disabilities. She has been involved in university action research looking at the decision making of students in schools. Kath has undertaken roles as diverse as leading school councils to participating in making a DVD with her students for the National Health Service in England. Interests include reading, walking and interior decorating.

Cherie Garin

CHERIE MAE GARIN, Elementary Class Assistant

Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Education in Literature, Philippine Normal University,
Philippines Professional Licensed Teacher

Ms Garin previously taught in a catholic school in the Philippines as an English and Research teacher. She came to Japan in 2015 and worked as an Assistant English Teacher (AET) in seven elementary schools under Ishioka Board of Education for two years. In her spare time, she loves reading novels, singing J-pop songs and watching anime.

Alison Haggett

ALISON HAGGETT, Kindergarten Class Teacher

Bachelor of Children's Services, Charles Darwin University, Australia
Bachelor Early Childhood Education, Charles Darwin University, Australia

Ms Haggett has been working in Early Childhood Education for the past 22, principally in Kindergarten and Lower Elementary classes in Australia and Singapore. She likes to incorporate her love of music and singing into daily routines with children and hopes to learn with the children she teaches and share each other's culture and values. In her spare time she enjoys reading, cooking, walking and experiencing different cultural languages, food and countries and practising her Bahasa Indonesian.


BRIAN HALL, School Librarian

BFA (Fine Arts), State University of New York at Oswego, USA

Mr Hall has been working in Chiba at various public schools in Japan since joining the Japan English Teachers Program (JET) in 1998. He joined MIS when the school opened in 2009 as School Librarian and in-charge of our Media Center. He is also one of the contributors to the development of MIS's Art Curriculum. Some of his many interests include illustration, reading and learning traditional Japanese music.


JOANNE HASSAN, Grade 2 / Yellow Class Teacher

BA (Hons) McMaster University, Canada
BEd (Hons) Western University, Canada
MSEd, in TESOL Temple University, Japan

Joanne has over 15 years' teaching experience in both public and private schools in Canada, Japan and the Middle East. With primary, junior and intermediate qualifications, Joanne has taught a variety of ages, from Kindergarten to Junior High School, working both as a classroom instructor and as a program coordinator. Joanne also worked as a continuing/corporate education lecturer at Temple University Japan Campus for four years before joining MIS in 2013.

Midori Hayashi

MIDORI HAYASHI, Elementary Class Assistant

BA (English) Sophia University, Japan
Certificate for Teaching Japanese Language

Midori has experience teaching Japanese language for international students at high school in Kashima, Japan. She also volunteered in five Asian countries teaching English and Japanese language, in four European countries participating in several work camps. In her spare time she enjoys travelling and spending time with her family.


Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka
INDUNIL HERATH, Kindergarten Class Assistant

BA, the University of Peradeniya Sri Lanka.
Dip. Teach (Primary Education), National Institute of Sri Lanka

Ms Herath worked as a primary school teacher in a number of government schools for four years in Sri Lanka. Before joining MIS, she took a course on Early Childhood Education based on Reggio Emilia philosophy at Stockholm Institute of Education (Sweden). In her spare time Indunil enjoys listening to music and singing as well as playing with her daughter.

Rachel Hoebeke

RACHEL HOEBEKE, Kindergarten Class Teacher

BA in English, University of Virginia, USA
Teaching Certification, University of West Florida, USA

After graduating from university, Rachel moved to Tokyo to teach English in Japanese kindergartens. She then worked as an early childhood teacher in Seattle, Washington. Most recently, Rachel has finished two years as a kindergarten class teacher at a bilingual school in Beijing, China. Rachel is thrilled to be joining MIS and to be back in Japan. In her free time, she enjoys cooking, reading, and travelling.


TAKUTO IKEYA, Japanese Teacher/Kokugo

MEd, Hiroshima University, Japan
Japanese Primary Teaching Qualification.
Japanese Secondary Teaching Qualification (Science).
Certificate in Teaching Japanese Language.

Mr Ikeya has worked at MIS since 2013. Before joining MIS, he served as a Science teacher in Singapore for three years. Prior to that, he taught Science at a junior high school which runs an English language immersion programme. Takuto also applied his combination of practical and academic experiences from the Master of Education study to a teaching experience in Zambia, Africa organized by JICA, where he served as a High School Science teacher for two years. Outside of professional interests, he enjoys travelling, reading, and writing.



Nursing and School Nurse, Kanazawa University, Japan

Miyuki has worked at MIS since April 2014. Prior to this she worked in public elementary schools in Ishikawa, Japan for two and a half years. She also stayed in Canada for 1 year and 3 months to study English. In her spare time she enjoys traveling, spending time with her friends and watching DVDs.

Akiko Kubo

AKIKO KUBO, Elementary Class Assistant

Japanese Secondary Teaching Qualification (English)
Japanese Primary Teaching Qualification
Japanese Special Needs Education Teacher's Licence

Ms Kubo has more than eight years' experience in education, both as an English teacher and as a Japanese teacher. She has also worked in the USA as well as schools in Tokyo. Ms Kubo is also a qualified youth leader and has worked as a camp counsellor.


JUNKO LOCKLEY, Japanese Teacher/Kokugo

BA in Education, University of Tottori, Japan
PGCE, MFL, University of Sheffield, UK
Japanese Primary Teaching Qualification
Japanese Secondary Teaching Qualification (English)

Mrs Lockley was founding member of the MIS staff, starting in 2009. After graduation, she initially taught for state primary schools in Japan for 4 years before moving to the UK in 2003 where she taught GCSE and A-level Japanese at Bradford Girls Grammar School as well as taking on a number other educational assignments. She has a great passion for the piano, singing and dancing. She also enjoys playing with her children at home.

Lorraine Loh

LORRAINE LOH, Kindergarten Class Teacher

BA Psychology and Education, University of Otago, NZ
DipTeach Early Childhood, University of Otago, NZ

Ms Loh joins MIS directly from New Zealand where she has been teaching in Kindergarten for the past five years. Situated in Queenstown on the South Island, Ms Loh has had ample time to explore the outdoors. She was also able to engage with local culture and received a Diploma in Maori Language from The Southern Institute of Technology, NZ.

Katie Maguire

United Kingdom
United Kingdom
KATIE MAGUIRE, Kindergarten Class Teacher

BA (Education), Roehampton University, UK
PGCE (Primary Education), Roehampton University, UK

Katie has experience teaching Kindergarten and Lower Elementary classes at an independent school in London. She has a passion for teaching young children following her specialisation in Early Years education at university. Katie has previously volunteered in Lima, Peru teaching English. She is looking forward to experiencing living and teaching in Japan. In her spare time she likes to go to the theatre, play football, travel and socialise with friends.


Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka
MUDITHA MATARAARACHCHI, Kindergarten Class Assistant

BA (English), University of Sri Jayewardenepura
Higher National Diploma in English, Advanced Technical Institution, Sri Lanka

Ms Mataraarachchi graduated with a Bachelor's Degree in English from the University of Sri Jayewardenepura. She came to Japan in 2008 and has over nine years of teaching experience in different kindergartens in Japan. Ms Mataraarachchi has taught pre-school through to high school during that time. In her spare time she enjoys running, baking and reading.


NOBUKO MISAKI, Japanese Teacher/Kokugo

BA Childhood Studies, Japan
Kindergarten teacher qualification, Japan
Diploma in Nursery Nursing, UK
Certificate in Advanced Skills of Teaching Japanese Language, Japan

Ms Misaki has worked at MIS since 2011. Previously she worked at an international school in Tokyo for ten years, where she enjoyed working with children from Nursery (K1) to Year 2 (G1). She enjoys travelling, reading books, listening to music and watching films in her spare time.


MAKIKO MOCHIZUKI, Kindergarten Japanese Teacher

Associate Degree (Early Childhood), Kanto Gakuin Women's Junior college, Japan
BA (Early Childhood Education), Walla Walla Community College, WA USA
Associate Degree (Early Childhood Development), Lewis Clark State College, ID USA

Ms Mochizuki has been working at MIS since the school opened. Before she started at MIS, she worked in Japanese schools as well as schools in the USA. Makiko likes to travel, read and visit museums. Also, she likes meeting new friends!

Sayuri Nonaka

SAYURI NONAKA, Kindergarten Japanese Teacher

BA, Josei International University
Elementary Teacher Qualification, Japan

Ms Nonaka joins MIS for the second time having also gained extensive experience at elementary schools in Chiba Prefecture. Ms Nonaka enjoys flower arranging and playing Jazz in her spare time.


United Kingdom
United Kingdom
SAMANTHA PRICE, Grade 4 / Green Class Teacher

BSc (Hons) QTS with Mathematics, St. Martin's University, Lancaster, UK
PG Cert - Primary Mathematics, Manchester Metropolitan University, UK

Samantha recently joined MIS from Manchester, England where she taught Year 6 for the past four years. She was made the Maths Coordinator and Y6 Lead Teacher after her second year in-post. She has a particular passion for Mathematics and Art and enjoys reading in her spare time. Samantha is very excited to be teaching here in Japan.


WEENDY SAITO, Kindergarten Class Assistant

Bachelor in Elementary Education and Diploma in Early Childhood Education Southwestern University, Philippines

Ms Saito joined MIS in 2013 and became a member of the K1 team. She previously taught in preschool in Cebu, Philippines working with children aged between 3 to 5 years old. She moved to Japan in 2012 and she has had experience in working in several kindergartens.

Robert Satterwhite


BA in Music Education, McMurry University, USA

Mr Satterwhite taught high school band at public schools in Texas and Missouri before teaching K-12 music at Access International Academy in Ningbo, China. Robert enjoys playing many different instruments and learning new ones. In his spare time, Robert loves playing baseball, watching movies, and playing video games.

Yoriko Sekiguchi

YORIKO SEKIGUCHI, Kindergarten Japanese Teacher

BA Education, Japan
Kindergarten Teacher Qualification, Japan
Diploma in Early Childhood Care and Education, Canada
Certificate in Early Childhood Educator, Canada

After completing her studies in Canada, Ms Sekiguchi worked in international schools in Aichi Prefecture and Tokyo. She has about 10 years of teaching experience with the ages 2 to 6 years old. She enjoys outdoor activities, such as travelling, camping, hiking and skiing.

Ayako Shimada

AYAKO SHIMADA, Elementary Class Assistant

Bachelor degree of Business Administration, Asia University
Bachelor degree of Primary and Middle Education, South Australia University

Ayako grew up on the west side of Tokyo. She enjoyed basketball and lacrosse at school. About 10 years ago, she moved to Australia to study Education and then worked as a Japanese teacher for six years at a private school in a small outback town called Alice Springs. She had experienced to teach Year 5 to 8 students who had variety of background and family issues. She loves to spend time with her rescued dog.


JOHN SMITHERS, Grade 6 / Yellow Class Teacher

BA (Geography)
BA, Outdoor Recreation, Parks, and Tourism, Lakehead University, Ontario, Canada

Mr Smithers has spent over 15 years working in international and language schools in Japan. He has held numerous curriculum and leadership positions and has taught in elementary and junior high school settings. Before coming to MIS he worked as the program director at TYIS International School in Tokyo. Mr Smithers is currently teaching Grade 3. In his spare time John enjoys cycling, playing frisbee, reading, roller skating, swimming and hiking.


HISAYO TAKASHINA, Japanese Teacher/Kokugo

BA (English) Japan
Japanese Primary Teaching Qualification
Certificate in Japanese Language Teaching Competency (JEES)

Ms Takashina has worked at MIS since 2010. After graduation, she taught Japanese at high school in the USA for two years. She subsequently taught in both public and private elementary schools in Japan. Hisayo's interests include travelling and sewing.

Elizabeth Takeda

ELIZABETH TAKEDA, Elementary Class Assistant

BA Communication Arts, Centro Escolar University, Manila

Elizabeth graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Mass Communications. She taught English in both public and international schools around Tokyo; at a variety of Kindergartens, Elementary, and Junior high schools. She has been teaching English in Japan for eight years. Her interest in Japanese Culture and language brought her to Japan. She likes cooking, baking, reading, singing, travelling and learning different languages.

Sophie Temple

United Kingdom
United Kingdom
SOPHIE TEMPLE, Grade 1 / Green Class Teacher

BA Primary Education with QTS, University of Winchester, UK

Before joining MIS Ms Temple had previous experience of teaching in Japan as an English Teacher at the University of Seinan Jo Gakuin. Subsequently she graduated with first class honours in primary education, specialising in drama. She has since been teaching a lower elementary class in London. More recently she has been year-group leader as well as History curriculum coordinator. Ms Temple has a particular interest in helping children develop their reading and writing skills. Away from school she is a keen on travel, pilates and yoga, being an accredited children's yoga teacher.

Fumiko Ueda

FUMIKO UEDA, Kindergarten Japanese Teacher

Kindergarten Teacher Qualification, Fukuoka Educational College

Ms Ueda worked for three years in a Kindergarten in Fukuoka before spend time abroad to develop her English proficiency. Following stays in both Canada and Australia she is now picking up her career as a teacher at MIS.


United Kingdom
United Kingdom
LEWIS WARDE, Grade 5 / Green Class Teacher

BA (Hons), Greenwich University, London
PGCE, Melbourne, Australia

Mr Warde first came to Japan in 2005, teaching in Saitama. He has been a primary class teacher on four different continents, including a cold year in Moscow, Russia. He joined MIS in April 2012, teaching Grade 5. He lives in Makuhari and enjoys exploring Japanese cuisine, reading and travel.


United Kingdom
United Kingdom
ANDREW WOLFENDEN, Grade 3 / Green Class Teacher

BA (Hons) Music and new Media, University of Central Lancashire, UK
PGCE (Primary) Leeds Metropolitan University, UK

Mr Wolfenden spent nearly eight years working in Nagoya as an ALT and English Language Instructor across all age ranges before returning to the UK to qualify as a primary teacher. He subsequently worked in Bradford as a classroom teacher and music and ICT coordinator before joining MIS as Music Coordinator. Andrew enjoys composing and recording music, travel and photography especially in Japan. He also enjoys making pottery and graphic design.


YOSHIYUKI YAMAGUCHI, Japanese Teacher/English Support

BA (English), Takushoku University, Tokyo
MA TESOL, Sunderland University, UK
PGCE, London Metropolitan University

Mr Yamaguchi majored in English before moving to England. He qualified as a primary school teacher in London where he taught at state primary schools. He also has an English teaching qualification in Japan and previously taught in a private Japanese junior high school in Chiba. He loves languages and has travelled in 56 countries whilst back-packing.