Enrolment Procedures

If you are keen for your child/children to enrol at Makuhari International School, please fill in an application form and then return this to the school, together with a copy of the child's passport picture page, a copy of their birth certificate and any records, references or test results from the previous school which the child attended. An application form can be obtained from the school on request. If we feel a child is appropriate for joining Makuhari International School, a subsequent screening test will be organised with the class teacher. However, this test is unlikely for children in Kindergarten 1 or 2 where a meeting with the Head or Deputy is more likely to take the place of a test. Where a child is accepted for testing/interviewing, a fee of ¥20,000 is paid to the school.

In certain situations, after a test, a follow-up interview might be arranged with the Head or Deputy Head of School. When deemed necessary a Trial Day may be organised in order to make clearer the child's suitability for entering Makuhari International School.

In almost all cases, a child will be placed in the relevant Grade (dependant on their chronological age). However, if requested, or deemed necessary by the Head of School and/or class teacher, a child may be accepted into a class one year below their chronological age. It is extremely unlikely that any child would be put in a class one year above their chronological age.

An offer of a place will either be made or not - in writing. Any decision made by the Head of School is final. If a place is not offered, advice and further information may be supplied to the child's parents. If there are no spaces at the time of application, a child may be invited to join a Waiting List at the school.

Registration and other fees are payable immediately on entry to the school.

A child may leave the school for up to 3 months and a place will be held open for them, as long as tuition fees are paid for the period of absence. During the absence, the child is expected to attend an appropriate school, with documentation of such attendance required upon return to Makuhari International School. Any period of longer than 3 months will be up to the discretion of the Head of School.


Kindergarten 1 - 3 Yearly


Grades 1 - 6 Yearly


Application Fee One time payment.


Entrance Fee One time payment.


Maintenance Fee One time payment.


Bus Fees

Dependant on route.

Significant discounts are available for children with siblings at the school. Please contact the school for details.


School Buses

 For parents wishing to use school buses - these are available for an additional fee. We have buses to and from seven main surrounding areas. Please ask the office for more details.