On the Behaviour of Ballistic Missile Falling (弾道ミサイル落下時の行動について)2017/04/25

On the Behaviour of Ballistic Missile Falling

Below is the advisory from the Cabinet Secretariat, and Fire Defense Agency.

In the case of a ballistic missile is being launched from North Korea, and it is expected to fly to Japan,
the government of Japan will use "the nationwide instantaneous alarm system (J-Alert)" to alert the residents in the possibly affected area. Please see the Cabinet Secretariat Civil Protection Portal Site at http://www.kokuminhogo.go.jp/ for details such as, how the missile information is transmitted by J-Alert, and points to be noted etc.

Please behave as bellow immediately, once the alert system is activated.

【When you are outdoors】
*Evacuate to nearby strong buildings and underground malls, and etc.
*If there are no suitable buildings nearby, hide yourself behind something, or face down on the ground to protect your head.

【When you are indoors】
*Stay away from the windows as far as possible, and move to a room without windows if possible.

=Please follow the instructions from the administration, and act calmly=




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