About Makuhari

Makuhari is a comfortable 'city' which is well-equipped with business, residential, academic and entertainment facilities. For foreign residents it has international shops and supermarkets that cater for their needs. Makuhari is located only 30 minutes from both Narita Airport on one side, and the heart of Tokyo on the other side. Transport to either of these areas is extensive and excellent. Makuhari New City is a developing city that sees the bustling activity of some 147,000 people every day. There are international office facilities and many foreign companies are choosing the city as a location for Japan headquarters and branch offices.

Nearby Makuhari Bay Town is a residential area with many parks and beaches. It is currently home to 23,600 residents, 180 families there being non-Japanese.

Close to the school a further residential area is being developed that will house many new families - the intention being that many of these are foreign.

For more information on Makuhari New City visit HERE.